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Empower yourself with a positive system

My philosophy in coaching athletes of all levels, is something that I have built over decades of training/coaching and racing as a professional triathlete for several years in Europe, South Africa and Australia.


One of the key items I learnt through my experiences is always ensuring a healthy relationship with your chosen sport no matter what that may be and no matter your age. My philosophy revolves around empowering people with personalized, scientific-based, holistic training systems that constantly help to give direction and motivation in a healthy, positive environment.


​It is good to have big ticket goals (first marathon, first 5km, etc) and achieve them but I support an approach that instils a mindset of smaller, daily achievements that constantly stimulate and create a positive environment in which those larger, often daunting goals, become a reality.

I believe that when you have a training system that works FOR the athlete and WITH the athlete; the results will naturally take care of themselves, become less rigid, be less stressful, less addictive and healthier.

I look to empower athletes with tailor-made, balanced training systems that are constantly reviewed and tweaked, from athlete personal and evidence-based feedback, to best suit circumstances and program responses of the individual. 


For me success is an athlete that is healthy, happy (in all aspects), successful and has a sustainable and happy relationship with their chosen sport.

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Sydney, NSW, Australia

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