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My passion for health and fitness started when I was young. Good health was something that I learnt was not to be taken for granted, was something to cherish and hold dear. It was something I tried to make the most of whilst I had it and fortunately I have been blessed with it most of my life.

That passion and approach took me to a professional-level triathlon career and after winning the All-African Elite triathlon championships in 1999, I packed my bags and moved to France where I raced for a number of years as a professional. 

I fell in love with the country and followed up my racing with a coaching position at a regional triathlon club. This is where my focus moved from my personal performance to helping others from kids to adults, develop and enjoy a sport that had been my life for over a decade.

I still enjoyed triathlon and moved to Ironman distance events and fulfilled a lifetime goal of competing at the Hawaii Ironman in 2008 (pictured).

Throughout the years proceeding competitive racing the passion has always been there, but the focus has shifted from competition, performance and race results, to maintaining a healthy lifestyle alongside a full-time corporate IT career and now bringing up two young kids (who are my new ‘marathon’, or rather Ultra that never ends!).

My life journey brought me to Australia in 2009 and I now am back to my natural passion of helping others achieve through empowering, structured training systems that create a positive, balanced, motivating and purposeful environment where results take care of themselves.

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